Managing Stitcher Variations

Once you have built your Stitcher, you will see a list of all of your variations that were created from the Stitcher build in the Variations card. This is located where the Stitcher Editor was before the build process. 

From each Variation there are multiple actions you can take.

View Variation Details

By clicking the list icon on a Variation card, it will pull up a modal that lists which videos were used in each segment of that Variation.

From this window you can publish your variation as a video in you video library or you can copy the embed code to share without the ability to track analytics or customize your player. Once you publish this to your video library, then you will have those abilities and your variation will be counted against your storage allotment per your plan. You can also change the name of your variation while the window is open by entering a name and clicking the checkmark on the variation title. You can have multiple of these windows open at a time for reference and move them around your screen.

Preview Variation

From the Variation card, you can also preview the video of that variation by clicking the eye icon. Just like the Details windows, you can open multiple preview window and move them around the screen. You may also copy the embed code from this window as well.

Copy Embed Code

The last action is the copy embed code. By clicking the code icon on the Variation card, this will copy the embed code automatically and you can place that code on a web page of your choosing. The only caveat is that you have no control over the player customizations or the ability to get analytics on your video. 

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