Flex Player Triggers

Users are able to set which video is playing on their Flex Player manually or by a schedule. Let's cover a manually scheduled Flex Player first.

Manual Flex Players

Setting a Flex Player to a manual schedule means that you are logging into your Zeal Stream account and selected which video should be playing through your embedded Flex Player. Next to each video listed in the Video card on the Flex Player detail screen, you will see a checkbox in the Default column. If the checkbox is selected, this means that is the video selected to play through your embedded Flex Player at that time. If you select a new video and save your Flex Player, the embedded Flex Player will now play the video you just selected. This allows you not to have to change embed codes on a page that you want to toggle these videos on. 

Scheduled Flex Players

For scheduled Flex Players, you have the ability to change the date and time that you want each video to show. So for example, if I want a certain video to show on the first day, you can set that date and time for that day. Then, for the second video, you set it on the date and time picker for the day after the first video. Once you save it, your video will then follow that schedule.

NOTE: If you have a gap in between days and times, the video that is checked as default will be the video that plays.

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